Training is the Key.

Our newest Company Newsletter is hot off the presses and hitting mailboxes this week. Here is an article I wrote for it, taking time to reflect on our busy Spring season and how we prepare.

Spring kick off Eric speaking

Spring marks the beginning of our industry’s busiest time. Every year this season is a hurried, but very well choreographed, series of steps and services. Time is of the essence and one misstep can delay an already crammed schedule of plantings, mulchings, mowings, and clean ups. It is for this reason that we provide every Duke’s employee with detailed training to ensure that everything goes without a hitch.

We begin in early winter, when there is still snow on the ground and flakes in the air, our managers sit in an extensive training on how to be the best account managers that they can be.  Then in early February, a new class of our crew members and foremen receive their pesticide applicator license training. We have educators from Rutgers come to our offices and give our employees a full day of training before they go out and get hands on training in the field.  It is our goal that every Duke’s employee should not only understand how, but also why we use integrated pest management.  Finally to jumpstart our season, every employee in our company stands side by side to learn hands on at our safety rodeo. These safety rodeos are a round robin opportunity for every employee, from seasoned veteran to freshly hired crew member, to receive training on our company’s best practices for all our of equipment. Just like baseball teams across America, our spring training marks the beginning of our season. However their training is far from over. Weekly safety trainings, hands on site visits, and monthly foreman leadership classes provide the ongoing reinforcement to help guide our employees to success on our sites.

Training is essential to the success of our company. We understand that this success cannot be left to chance but needs to be planned through very carefully. It is for this reason that training is not something that happens one time of year, marked off our to-do list, and then forgotten about. It is something that we are constantly fine-tuning and adjusting to the needs of our clients.  We know that investing in our employees’ education and careers will not only enhance their lives but will ultimately provide our clients with the highest caliber of service we can provide.


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