Duke’s Culture: Continuous Improvement and Becoming The Employer of Choice

Duke’s culture: Continuous improvement and becoming the employer of choice

I read and hear a lot of employers claim they want to attract and keep the best employees, or that their employees are “Our greatest asset”.  I watch them to see what they are doing to accomplish this goal and the results are usually a resounding  Not Much.    Yet there have been tons of studies that show an employee who is engaged  will out produce an employee that is non engaged by a whopping 70%.    The engaged employee will stay on longer, take better care of your customers and will give that extra effort-to go above and beyond when necessary.   What are we at Duke’s doing to increase our chances of getting and keeping engaged employees?  It starts with attracting and hiring the right candidate.  A bad hire can create a lot harm.   We look for employees who are of great character and will fit our company culture.  Hiring based on experience or for technical knowledge is less desirable as we will be teaching them how to do things the right way after they’re hired.   After the hire we have a strong on-boarding program with 30, 60 and 90 day reviews.  Also our training program is second to none, with monthly leadership meetings which consist of equal focus on horticulture practices, safety and customer service training.  As we’ve all heard “A and B” employees want to work with “A and B” employees.   They do not enjoy working with the dreaded (non engaged)  “C and D” employees, who will be a drag on your culture and performance.    Below is a summary of the type of culture we believe an engaged employee will enjoy working in:

“The Duke’s Way”

Must have an appetite for continuous improvement.

Every team member has high expectations.

Must exhibit a sense of urgency.

Must be willing to do whatever it takes.

Our customers drive our process improvement.

Employees have an unselfish drive for being successful.

We like to have fun, a positive vibe runs throughout the company.

At Duke’s Landscape Management, we believe these smart tools enable us to do our jobs better and with greater accuracy and efficiency. This helps make our customers happier and headache-free. If you want to learn more about how we work smarter and not harder, contact us at 908-850-6600 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.

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