Three Ways Duke’s Uses Technology To Improve Quality And Reduce Our Costs

Each year we are challenged with the most basic of business dilemmas-our employees, vendors and subcontractors  want to make more and our customers want to pay the same or less.   In fact I recently attended a  landscape conference where the speaker said customers want us to deliver a service that was “fast, cheap and perfect”.    The opposite, “slow, expensive and wrong”  was a death sentence  to any landscape  company.    This actually makes a lot of sense.  So how are we at Duke’s working to provide   “fast, cheap and perfect” service?  The answer is in technology.

Lower costs of ownership

All trucks and large equipment is outfitted with GPS.  We use superfast web-based maps, accessible from any device with an internet connection.   This allows us to track all of our crew activities and to reduce fuel, vehicle wear and tear and non-valuable time.  Our managers get daily reports of speeding, hard turns, hard stops and idle time just to name a few.  Better fleet visibility allows you to improve asset utilization, allowing you to get more done with fewer resources.

Get BOSSed around

BOSS is a web-based landscape business management software that incorporates sales, billing, estimating and more in one software solution. It provides Duke’s  with a powerful management advantage when it comes to overseeing its commercial and multi-family jobs  in NJ and PA. The software helps do this by helping landscape professionals monitor tasks on the job to-do list to ensure they get done in a timely manner. The software even generates tickets monthly so we can go through the list and ensure we’re not missing any contractual obligations.   BOSS helps us manage our business better so that you can feel assured that we’re doing everything you need done, eliminating your headaches and worries.

Measure Right the First Time

Duke’s  uses Go iLawn and Google Earth to combine high-resolution property photos and measuring tools in an ease-to-use format that allows us to measure more properties accurately and in less time. While we still walk properties with a measuring wheel to ensure we saw everything that was on the satellite, the tools still help us reduce our measuring time and man-hours, as well as increase our accuracy, so we can estimate job costs accurately and save time and money, which we can the pass on to our clients.

At Duke’s Landscape Management, we believe these smart tools enable us to do our jobs better and with greater accuracy and efficiency. This helps make our customers happier and headache-free. If you want to learn more about how we work smarter and not harder, contact us at 908-850-6600 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.

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