Employee Spotlight: Ric Vetrini Parsippany Production Manager

Ric Vetrini  began his career at Duke’s Landscape Management 5 years ago and is the Parsippany Production Manager. Ric has 40 years of experience in the landscape industry and 9 years of experience in turf management, chemical application and ornamental design.  He started in the landscape industry as a laborer in 1978. He worked his way up the ranks from assistant foreman, to foreman, to supervisor and finally management. As the Parsippany Production Manager, he manages six landscape maintenance and snow management crews.  Ric ensures that his crew members are providing great quality and service to clients. He is a leader with a smile! He is always looking to develop his team to their fullest capacity.  Ric is effective at building and maintaining trust-based professional relationships with the Commercial and HOA Communities. He is not afraid to have a client reach out to him directly, in fact he will personally hand you his business card.

In his spare time, Ric enjoys spending time with his wife, Elana, of 37 years, their 3 grown children and their 2 grandchildren. He will never refuse the opportunity to go hunting, fishing, or play darts competitively. Be warned, he may hustle you at corn hole, too!

IMG_4877 (2)

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