The Grass is Greener on OUR side

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Landscape Enhancement Trends
No one wants to be part of outdated property. Whether you choose a patio, wildflower meadow to boost your green appeal, the experts at Duke’s Landscape Management can guide you from the idea right to the skilled installation.
You’ve survived the Spring Rush…now has your current vendor lived up to your expectations?
Our employee retention benefits Property Managers. The more time our crews spend on your property, the better they know all your site’s unique details and needs.
Don’t Suffocate Your Plants
Duke’s Landscape Management crews spread about two inches of rich dark brown mulch in the spring to help beds retain moisture and keep the landscape looking polished. Beware of mulch volcanoes! People think more is better, but the base of your trees need to breathe. Stifle it with a big mound of mulch and it can get mildew and root rot. Keep mulch two to three inches away from the trunks of trees to keep them happy and healthy.

Empowering our Employees with Training
In May, we rolled out a training program for our staff, GREENIUS. Each employee is trained and tested on each facet of their job function. Managers and crew leaders are able to save time and ensure consistency in skill levels, while crew workers get training that improves job safety, productivity, and satisfaction.
Duke’s Landscape Management is a full service landscape maintenance and snow management firm serving Northern New Jersey. We are committed to providing our clients with a proactive approach, on time delivery and superior customer service.

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