Exceed Customers Expectations with Transparency

Eliminate Time Theft

All of our trucks at Duke’s are equipped with Fleetmatics. Fleetmatics offers both web-based and mobile application solutions that provide our managers information on vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage. This enables us to track time and eliminate time theft for our clients.

Do you prefer a Ford or Ferrari?

No two landscape maintenance contracts are the same. Yes, we can provide you with apple to apple pricing, but the service and attention to detail is what sets us a part. Yes a car is a car, but think about the differences in a Ford vs. a Ferrari. Interesting, right?

New to the Market from Synatek: PCR – Plant Control Release

People eat when they are hungry – how about we use a fertilizer that is similar so your plants eat when they are hungry? Plant Controlled Release (PCR) is accomplish by utilizing a Natural Organic Acid Extract from Seaweed and Algae that contains Rhizovit. Rhizovit is not a coating but chemically bonds to Nitrogen at the molecular level and is absorbed into the Nitrogen particles to their core. Plant roots exude Oxalic Acid, when nutrients are needed, which breaks the Rhizovit’s chemical bond to the Nitrogen thus releasing nutrients.
PCR fertilizer allows your turf to receive nutrients when they are needed, when it is actively growing and needs to be fed/your turf eats when it’s hungry. The benefits are amazing with this product. The turf is able to naturally maintain available nutrients, develop a stronger root system and maintain a more uniform growth rate.

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